Complaint: The Labor Commissioner for the State of California who is responsible for overseeing the appointments of their Representatives like Maria Valdez, committed a gross injustice to the American People by appointing Maria Valdez as a Hearing Representative in the matter concerning White vs. Willdy Nutri Distributing, a company owned by Maria and Sergio Galvez. The Dept. of Industrial Relations Div. of Labor Standards Enforcement, allowed an incorrigible and corrupted Hearing Rep. Maria Valdez to decide a case in which the Plaintiffs, who had documents and testimony that more than surpassed the requirement of prevailing by preponderance of evidence, lost. Further, the Labor Commissioner should have reviewed the decision of Maria Valdez to find her gross corrupted and incorrigible reasoning to deny the Plaintiffs justice and compensation for Defendant’s obvious breach of Labor Code Section 512. Such gross negligence by the Dept. of Labor, which took place at the Labor Board located in Santa Ana, California is a serious threat to our Democratic Society and a key element to its decay and demise!! The people who read this will surely note that people like Maria Valdez need to be weeded out and replaced by compassionate, purposeful and honest individuals so that justice can rightfully be served for those like the Plaintiffs in this case. Please take note that this matter is not over with! We intend to vigorously campaign against this evil dysfunction on the part of the Labor Board for overlooking Maria Valdez’ corrupt ways. Fraud Upon the Court such as this will be brought to the attention of the American People!!

Tags: Government Services

Address: 28 Civic Center Plaza, Room 625 Santa Ana, California United States of America