california tire and repair shop DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS REPAIR SHOP! el paso Texas!!. i am the victim of a con artist who is the new owner of this tire and repair shop. His name is Mr. Olivas. I came in to buy 4 sets of tires last year and they gave me a receipt and a warranty. One of the tires blew out and i took the tire in with the warranty still in effect, also brought all my receipts, etc.. .but this new owner did not want to honor my warranty or my receipts. He gave lame excuses in person. He yelled at me over the phone also and called me bad names when i asked him if he is going to fix it or i will go to BBB. He slammed the phone on me.. He refused to fix the tire, so i had to buy another one. He gave me no good reason why he shouldnt honor the warranty…He also did not honor the time frame of the warranty of the alignment he did on my car. He said some lame excuse when i brought it in to get checked since the alignment job they did was not done right. I got conned out of money, and he told me to go to hell with my receipts and warranty. Dont do business with this raggedy trash of a company. I reported them to the BBB. But BBB did not help me much with this matter. BBB should of put THIS company in bad credit, but they did not. Mr. Olivas is rude, selfish, and a con artist for an owner. Dont do business with him or anyone else who works there. its a ripoff!

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