Received automated voicemail stating that a "motion has been filed to freeze the bank accounts associated with this SSN." Requested that I call a different 800 number. I called the number and the recording stated that I had reached "Callahan & Associates." When I was connected with a live person, I asked him to identify his firm, their location, purpose, and licensing entity. He gave a very smart-aleck response, so I knew I was dealing with a sketchy operation. He would not answer any of my questions, except to state that the call was intended for [the name of my relative]. I asked if he was looking for Junior or Senior, as there are two individuals with the same name. He would not answer, but stated that the person gave them my number. (I live in a distant state and have not spoken with either relative in years, so I doubt this is true.) The person continued to be very rude, refused to answer any legitimate questions, and constantly tried to talk over me. I finally told him "We’re done here" and hung up.