My friend has too good of a heart to expose her homewrecker so I’m doing it for her… || It all started last summer. My friend, her husband and their 4 year old daughter would go out on the boat Sunday afternoons. The crowd that the husband was hanging around and taking out on the boat with his family was a younger crowd and they were into doing things that my friend was not including drinking in front of the child and drugs. This crowd not only befriended the husband but pretended to be friends with my friend and they pretended to care about their daughter. || Because of some of their actions and their”habits” my friend slowly backed away from this crowd and kept her daughter away from them. Occasionally, my friend and her husband would go out to a party on the weekends where this crowd was. She honestly thought that they were all friends. They would all go to a club or go fishing or something together. My friend would not go every weekend because she didn’t think it was right to leave their kid with a babysitter and go out every weekend. For her husband though every weekend turned in to every night. He told her he was going to take care of some business (he owns his own business) and this wasn’t completely unlike him so she didn’t think anything of it. || He came home after a weekend off with this crowd and told my friend that some little girl got mad and started a rumor about him sleeping with another one of the girls. He said that it wasn’t true and that she could trust him completely. The rumors didn’t stop but he always denied them and always had a plausible excuse for his whereabouts. || I got a text early one morning from my friend telling me that she had found text messages on his phone and that he indeed was cheating on her. She confronted him and he said that there was never anything physical but that he would stop all communications with the troll and that they would work on their marriage. LIAR!!! Was all I could think and he proved me right. This entire crowd knew what was going on but no one would ever say anything to her. He made a fool out of my best friend. || He left his wife and their daughter the weekend after Valentine’s day this year. He didn’t even acknowledge his wife on Valentine’s Day. This troll pretended to be friends with my friend while she was taking everything that my friend held precious to her. This troll pretended to care about their daughter all the while ripping the foundation out from under her. || What’s sad is that the daughter (now 5) adores her daddy and there’s nothing wrong with that but she takes her anger and frustration out on her mom because she’s scared that”if I get mad at my daddy he won’t come get me anymore” (her words to me). What’s worse is that her daddy is putting his daughter on the back burner for this troll and when he does come and get her, he takes her with him to meet the troll. It’s only been about 6 months and he already has his whore around his child!! What kind of message is he giving to his daughter? What is my friend supposed to do? Her daughter thinks the troll is her”big girlfriend” and it’s killing her mom. Every time the daughter talks about her”big girlfriend” my friend says that it feels like a knife going straight through her heart, and it hurts to breathe. My heart is breaking for my friend. That’s why I’m exposing Callie Spencer. My friend’s family isn’t the first one she’s destroyed and it won’t be the last. That’s what she does.