Camaro Dave aka Dave Wynne Camaro Dave Dave Wynne Sold me a junk motor for 6000 dollars Firestone Colorado!!. Bought a motor from dave a blower motor to be specific. He told me it was around 8000 miles and had 7-750 hp. Well had my motor guy tune he motor and it has so much blowby it smokes out the breathers. It also dynoed at about 320 hp that is no where near close to the numbers dave told me my motor builder told me it was basically a junk yard motor with a blower on it. Well thatu2019s awesome he wonu2019t talk to me and try and resolve the problem so I guess I just wasted 6000 dollars on a boat anchor. Thanks Dave Wynne for taking advantage of a customer and not fixing the problem. All I can say is donu2019t use this guy run as fast as you can and find someone reputable.

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