My advice to any parents who consider sending their children to the Cambridge’s program: be watchful of your children’s wellbeing at Cambridge and do not pay full tuition in advance (do not sign any paper) – you will not be able to get any unspent tuition fee back from Cambridge voluntarily no matter what happens to your children. | My kid was enrolled in Cambridge’s 2015 summer program for 2 weeks and adamantly refused to go back after suffering emotional distress due to bullying from older kids. Cambridge refused to pay back the remaining 7 weeks’ tuition in the amount of $1020 that was paid in advance. Cambridge allowed weekly tuition payment but tricked parents to pay for the whole summer program by offering $50/$100 discount, WITHOUT explaining their extremely unusual “no tuition refund in any situation” policy in the agreement form that they asked parents to sign. I had the habit of paying in advance at my child’s fun club after-school program to avoid the inconvenience of making weekly payment. Since Cambridge allowed weekly tuition payment and the fact that all other professional childcare providers I had dealt with prior to Cambridge have cancellation policy, I assumed that Cambridge would allow early withdrawal as well, I paid in full for the 9-week program and signed in a hurry the agreement form that I did not read carefully on the day of enrollment (it was chaotic). Needless to say, Cambridge’s sole owner Yan Jiang disguised as Janet Yang never bothered to explain her company’s policy, nor did she provide me a copy of the agreement form that I signed. Cambridge refused to pay back the tuition fee for the remaining 7 weeks even though they were paid in full for the 2-week attendance plus $50 enrollment fee. I have taken the case to the court – the sad truth is that the court may rule in Cambridge’s favor because of the piece of agreement paper I signed that Yan Jiang aka Janet Yang at Cambridge intentionally omitted to explain. | Cambridge clearly does not have any confidence in their service and relies on their “no tuition refund in any situation” policy that is never explained to the parents in order to maximize their monetary gain. Janet Yang claimed that by ‘abiding by our company’s policy’ (established by herself by the way), it exemplifies ‘unapproachable professionalism’ – a telltale sign that Cambridge cares about profit only and not the wellbeing of children enrolled in their program (another example:.Cambridge let temporary young summer teachers drive children to field trips in their own private cars without letting parents know!). | Yan Jiang aka Janet Yang also claimed that “it has to be fair to all parents” – because she knew that she owed money to parents in similar situation before my case. I have since learned from two other parents who I never knew before that they were victims of Cambridge’s unprofessional conduct as well and lost in the amount of $600 and a few hundred dollars (unspecified), respectively. I have also learned from two additional parents that their children were either bullied or neglected. Parents’ emails were openly shared in Cambridge’s email advertisement of their program and that was how I was able to share with other parents about my case. | Yan Jiang aka Janet Yang at Cambridge was also sued in 2013 by another individual (CIVRS1306675 at and the judgement was against Yan Jiang who paid $600 to settle the law suit. At that time, Cambridge was listed as Cambridge Educational Institute. Now it is listed as Cambridge Education Institute Chino Hills. | I hope the information above is helpful to other parents to avoid the type of experience I had with Cambridge.


Name: Cambridge Institute

Country: United States

State: California

City: Chino Hills

Address: 5847 Pine Ave.

Phone: 909 – 606 – 0701