Camel Tow LLC Beware of this company! It is a SCAM , Internet!!. I put a deposit on a motorcycle through this company. Was supposed to be an $800 charge on my credit card to hold the bike. I was charged $866 through Moneygram and then the next day charged another $646 that was not authorized.I have many emails back and forth about this deal. The guy was supposed to send a receipt but I never received anything. I asked him for the VIN so I could run a VIN check on the bike. I was sent 2 different VIN numbers and both were to different bikes than what I was paying for. He said he would fax the title to me and I never received that either. After numerous emails over the past 6 days and no response(since the funds were paid) I called my bank and filed a fraud complaint. I am convinced the bike that I was sent pictures of does not exist. I have since called the city of Ontario California as well as the local DMV office and this company is not licensed with either entity. The bike was supposed to be delivered today and NO delivery, what a shocking surprise. Hopefully this report will prevent someone else from paying any money to this company and it will be shut down!

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