Camelback Hyundai they did a bait and switch on me,I stopped because of ad,the salesman,knew nothing about it.. phoenix Arizona!!. I went into Camelback Hyundai, after hearing ad on the radio 20 times a day. We have a new Sonata Hyundai loaded for 16,400 @ 0 interset or 1.75% for 60 or 72 months with 0 down. I went in and meant Danny and Jim 2 salespeople. Asked to see car advertised on radio they said they had never heard of the ad and could not show me the car. The showed me others cars and made 5 deals which I declined. They brought in 5 more salespeople to make more deals. I like the Eltantra, Hyundai, which one sales person said they would sale it to me for 18,500. and take my truck as downpayment for 3500.00 and finance 15,00o at 1.75%. The head man Chris asked me about payments, and I said 300 a month, he told me how about 307 to pay the salesperson Danny for his day off. I said ok. I went into finance and told MJ about my deal. I told him I was in a hurry because I had to get back to work. He said sign here, sign here, sign here. I don’t know if the contract was blank. I drove by the dealership three times during the course of my work. The car sat in front of the doors. When I came back to pick up car, one salesman jumped in said he forgot something and did not return for 10 minutes. Another salesperson standing there said he was changing it out for another car. He brought a car out not for sure if it was the same car or not. I think the milage was different then what was stated on the contract. On Saturday I recieved a payment for 368.59 a month @ 5.25% for 75 months. I called MJ and asked what happen to my orignal deal. He said he does not talk to salespeople about deals. He puts down what he wants and the he said , if you dont like it trade it in. I got mad and he told me to bring in the contract to look at it. I brought it in on Monday the 4th of June. I handed it to Jim the second salesperson I dealt with he tooked the contract, I told him what happened he said he would take care of it. I said I would be back in an hour, when I returned nobody would talk to me. Chris the head guy was gone, Jim was gone, MJ walked by they called him on the load speaker not even 10 feet away and he would not even look at us. They would not give back my contract. I called Chris 5 or 6 times, they said he would be in at 10, I called they said he would be in at noon I called, they said he would be in at one I called again. They said they would have him call when he got in. Nobody returned my calls. They would not return my contract and today is the 12th and still no contract. When I picked up the car MJ came out and handed me the contract, he did not say anything about any changes to the orignal deal. When I asked why it was at 75 months instead of the 72 like the ad, he said that is term that all the banks are financing for. He did not make it know to me that the interest rate was at 5.25% instead of the orignal 1.75%. And the price was changed from the orignal 15,000 with trade to 23,000 and the cost of financing. I called the BBB they said they 60 complaint against them at that location and their rating is an F.

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