I had previously cancelled all affiliation with Cameron Dunlap at the end of 2015 due to a complete lack of results with his iFlip system. We followed everything to a tee and thought that the iFlip system and all of the hype in his online presentation was genuine. Fast forward 12 months and it was one dissapoointment after another. We put up a number of wholesale property’s on his hot buyers sites supposedly full of hungry buyers and never received one response. These were properties for sale here in the US supplied to us by an associate of mine who markets them for the VP of sales for a Hedge Fund. We did sell them all in three days on Craigslist and Connected Investor. The birddog program was followed to a tee and we wound up wasting several thousand dollars for VACANT home leads of which 99% were owned by Banks and not yet listed with a Real Estate Broker. His suggestion that you find out who the Broker is and somehow try to influence them to give you priority. As if Cam is the only one who has thought of this. Finally, around february or so I received an e-mail from Alan Cowgill of private money fame. (I have attended Alans private money workshop and purchased many of his excellent resources over the years). He is a true businessman of integrity and honesty, which unlike Cameron Dunlap, does not have one Ripoff Scams filed against him after decades of being on this circuit. Alan was marketing, what I thought was his own data for Private Lenders. It turned out to be the same data source through Cameron’s company. This was very dissappointing but in any case I continued paying the monthly fee of $77.00 because of my loyalty to Alan. I accessed a number of names from the data feed but until today (several months later)never tried to export a list of names to do an e-mail campaign. When I tried to export the list of names, a video with Alan came on to explain why I would be unable to access the data for export unless I paid the sum of $495 for a full year subscription. Apparently, those ugly, and dishonest folks in the world that make life miserable for the rest of us who walk our paths with integrity loose again. They would sign up for the data feed, download the data and then cancel. This is definitely not fair to Cameron, Alan or anyone else under the circumstance. I contacted Cameron’s customer service online, which I must say has always been outstanding, and explained to them what had happened. I explained that since I had never tried to export anything up to this point that I was unaware of the video that would come on and insisted that a full year payment was required. This was discounted from the full year monthly cost. I thought that this should have been explained up front and requested a credit towards the full year payment and I would pay the difference to equal the $495 annual amount. Customer service was silent for 5 minutes and then came back and said they could not credit any of the months of paying $77. I think that this practice is a “DECEPTIVE”” method designed to hype the product with a monthly fee that can be cancelled at any time BUT FAILING TO DISCLOSE THAT THE LIST DATA CANNOT BE EXPORTED. Only until you go in the system and then try to export (in my case several months later) does a video pop up and extoll you to pay a full year premium equal to $42 per month. How about being honest and market the dam information up front as “”this data cost xxx dollars and can only be purchased on an Annual basis at a discounted price for the following reasons. Great

now I understand why that is necessary

makes perfect sense and here is my money. So for the concession of a few months in fee’s or even some recognition of fairness they loose more credibility and eventually more customers by word of mouth at every seminar

blog or social media I have access to to warm folks from falling prey to a failure to disclose material facts by Cameron Dunlap and crew.”

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