Our agreement was $3200.00, half now half at end of job. after paying the first $1600.00 he then said he has other projects and he will fix our job in. I told him the old shower walls are out and I built a shower bench and put some walls in. I stopped because it did not look right. I did tell him before I paid him that I have 95% of the materials. about 4days into the job his truck broke down. next day he ask for $700.00 from the end job money so he can get his truck out of the shop. 2days later is ask for $500.00 for more materials. then 2days later he needed $120.00 to get a trim for the shower. Some of the materials I had was grout but it was unsand grout. He said he needed sand grout. he wanted me to give $100.00 to his wife and she’ll buy the grout. I told him I’ll go get the grout and he told be the size of bag. I went and bought the grout and it cost $13.95. my wife and I know he was taking to long to do the job. he finished the job and then he said I owe him $500.00 and an extra $120.00 for the trim. I wrote him a check for $120.00 and told him the other money he spent on his truck getting out of the shop. all that time working on the shower he stored his tools in my garage. when he left he left a mess in my garage.


Name: Camouflage Construction LLC

Country: United States

State: Ohio

City: Johnstown

Address: 43 Kasson St

Phone: (614) 774-7921

Website: camoconstruction.business.site/