I sent an email thru their site. I waited four days for an answer. No answer. I recently purchased a WF2150 Welder. I set the welder up and the wire would not feed continiously. It was choppy with the switch. I contacted them for some answers. No response. The welder sat in my garage. I got to thinking that the motor was turning on but would not continiously run. I had a hunch that it was the cold. Sure enough, I brought into the house and it warmed up and fed the wire continuously with the switch. I took it back out to the garage. It fed the wire for a while. Then it started to be choppy and not continuous. I checked their website. Welders always need parts. The parts are very expensive. $90.00 for drive mechanism. The welding cable is $90.00. So Be warned-Campbell Hausfeld welders are cheap parts, won’t run in cold weather. The welder does a poor weld. Be smart-Buy yourself a different name. Its probably made in China. They build it for pennies on a dollar. make big profits and do not employ Americans. The welder is still under warranty from the store. I have 90 days to return. Campbell Hausfeld will get their garbage welder back. I will buy a better name brand. A welder that will work in cold weather. I will never buy Campbell Hausfeld products again. Cheap, poor materials, No customer support.

100 Production Drive Harrison, Ohio 45030 Ohio United States