camper depot punta gorda ripoff Punta Gorda Florida!!. hi there!my friend and i went to camper depot to get a mobile trailer and my friend fill a credit application for finacing the trailer. he fill it and my friend borrow the dowpayment from me and i paid with my debit card 2000.00. later he said is going to call us when they aprove the credit application so we finally got a call from the guy saying my friend dont get the credit application aproved so my friend ask for the money back and he say no i dont need to give the money you need to find the way to pay off the mobile trailer because is yours no matter what the credit application says you owe the rest to us so find the way to pay the rest of the i call my bank to cancel the payment from the down payment they put a credit temporary to handle the situation but i dont trust this place anymore. so what can i do to make sure something like this is not going to happen to somebody like us

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