Campers Inn, INC Merrimack, NH We apparently bought 29K refurbished RV!! MERRIMACK New Hampshire!!. Please do not use Campers Inn, Inc, 35 Robert Milligan Pkwy, Merrimack, NH 03054. Here is why: My husband and I purchased a brand new 2019 Apex Ultra Lite Travel Trailer on 11/5/17 from this Campers Inn franchise. We paid for all the extra warranties to ensure we were keeping the camper in optimal condition and prepared us as new owners for any situation. Campers Inn said they winterized the camper and stored it on site, so that we could pick it up in the Spring 2018 when our seasonal site opens On 4/20/18, we went in to watch the demo of i.nstructions on how to use our new camper and brought it home. Our Errol, NH seasonal site opened up on 5/18/18; so we drove our three children to Errol to begin our family camping experience 4 hours away. We arrived opened everything up to get ready for Memorial Day weekend which was the next weekend which included 4-wheeling and such. It rained that day off and on and poured that night. I woke up the next morning and stepped in a puddle of water on the floor next to my bed.I blew it off thinking it was from a shoe or my kids. I wiped it up and went along the day. Later that afternoon I went over to my closet next to the bed and stepped in a puddle on the floor again, confused I got down on my hands and knees to inspect. There is where I saw the corner of the wall/floor/carpet wet. I followed my fingers along the carpet/floor to see where and how far the wetness went and up the wall to see where the wetness was coming from, I didn’t come up with anything. I snapped photos and took videos so I could send them Monday morning to Campers Inn so that when I called they could see what I was talking about I could not call them on a Saturday because we had no service way up in Errol. Sunday morning comes and the camper is still leaking in the bedroom. My husband tells me that our six-year-old peed his pjs and left them on the bathroom floor. I went over to pick them up, and realized they were way too wet to be an accident and that the toilet was leaking water and soaked other clothes that were dry on the floor. I looked around the back of the toilet and saw that water was pouring out of the top of the valve; I got it on video as I was telling my husband to turn the water off. We were packing up to head home, so turning off the water wasn’t the biggest deal. Monday morning 5/21/18, I called Campers Inn to see who I should speak with regarding a leaking camper. I was directed to a woman. The woman and I went back and forth with emails regarding where the leak was coming from. I told her the camper was four hours north and that we could not go get it until the following weekend. I was told no one from Campers Inn would go to Errol to inspect it or drive it back for us (which is strange considering we paid for our travel warranty). However, she gave me some ideas to look when I got back to the camper regarding the leak in the bedroom. Fast forward to Friday 5/25/18; my family and I drove back up north to enjoy the memorial day weekend and to bring the camper home. Once we got there I took more photos and looked around to see if I could see any spaces where the awning was not sealed. I opened the storage space compartment at the front of the unit under the bed area, that wasn’t wet before. This time it there was a huge puddle of water in it. Once I went into the camper the inside was still wet in the bedroom after the water had been shut off for the week. We packed up the camper on Monday afternoon and brought it back home, emptied the whole thing out and scheduled a time to drop it off at Campers Inn. Tuesday 5/29/18 we spoke with the same woman we had been speaking with alongside a gentleman when dropped off the camper. We informed them that we did not want the unit back; my husband has severe asthma and any sign of wet mold would be harmful. Campers Inn said they would go through the camper and send all the photos to Forest River, the manufacturer, and see what they say. At this point we just wanted a new replacement unit or our money back. Well, Campers Inn claims Forrest River will fix the unit, not replace it, and thatu2019s it. The man also said Forrest River usually just has them bleach the wood and wherever was wet and have them give it back to the owners but that Forrest River gave Campers Inn the “ok” they would cover to rip out all the damaged wood and replace it. My husband and I still didn’t want the unit back; it was wet. As far as we were concerned we didn’t buy a refurbished camper, we bought a brand new camper. The Campers Inn rep said he would get a hold of his rep from Forrest River to see what he could do. Meanwhile, I called Forrest River and got the run around for days. I received no call backs. I was sent to one rep then another. A few weeks went by with no one calling me and/or just ignoring me. I finally got a hold of the general manager of Campers Inn. I told him he had two choices: to buy it back or replace it with a new camper. David told me he would draw up the paperwork and send it over to Forrest River and get back to me. Not believing a word he said or Campers Inn says I waited a few days and called Forrest River, and they gave me the run around and said they received no such paper work, and that there is no such thing. They said that Campers Inn lied. I was getting the run around and everyone was pointing fingers to everyone else but the summer is going by and weu2019re making payments and have been without the camper for over 15 days. Although my husband disagreed, I decided to get the trailer, when it was ready as it was supposed to be properly fixed and we would just chalk it up as a bad decision, move on and enjoy it. On 6/15/2018, I also requested the general manager provide us with some sort of refund for all the expenses we incurred to get the camper back and forth and additional expenses because of the issues. He said once camper was ready he would speak to us about it. I got a call from him hat night saying the camper would be ready Friday for pick up; I did not answer as I was away from my phone and he left a voicemail. At the same time I was speaking back and forth with the woman regarding the DVD player that we also could not get to work. I had mentioned I wanted to make sure it would be ready for pick up tomorrow (June 16th). The woman was confused and told me the camper was not ready the parts had not come in yet.. I called the manager back and he was quick to tell me I was wrong about it being ready for pick up until I told him that I would put him on speaker phone and play his voicemail back. He then said he misspoke and the parts were in but that the camper would be ready the next Friday June 22nd. Now we had been without a camper for three weeks, going back and forth, lied to, all still with no camper. I have NO idea if the camper has been taken apart and put back together. No idea if there is mold anywhere in the camper and no idea about the toilet leak. I kept calling Forrest River because we really don’t want the camper and we are trying to get someone to help us. We are still paying our payments for this camper. My husband calls Thursday 6/21/18 and gets into a disagreement with the manager about the amount that he would be giving us back. My husband feels it was a slap in the face. He decided that a $200 gift certificate to Campers Inn would suffice. That was gas alone just getting up to camp in a big truck towing the camper, and towing it back that they refused to go get. Once my husband cooled off we went in on Friday 6/22/2018 to pick up the camper. We requested another quick demo for some questions we had after the first time. We also examined the work they had done. The technician told us that they replaced more plywood than expected because it was wet all over and this had obviously been leaking way longer than what was originally thought. Again, we are not happy so we take the camper and go. The next time we use it is Sunday 7/1/2018. My husband drives the camper up to Newfound Lake in Bridgewater, NH for my children and I to stay for two weeks. as we forfeited our seasonal site in Errol (Campers Inn refused to reimburse us for this). Sunday 7/8/2018, I saw a puddle in the area of the bathroom. I push down on it and notice there is water squishing up. I get down on my hands and knees and start feeling around for water near the shower and near the toilet. I do not feel or see anything but in the door frame. I email the woman from Campers Inn to let her know the leak was not resolved. She tells me there is no one that they can send to come repair the leak. I tell her they better find someone because I am up north with my 3 children alone and my husband canu2019t come get us until next Sunday. She tells me she will get back to me. She calls me back within 30 mins and tells me there is a tech in the area in 2 days and they can send someone then. Monday 7/9/2018 kids and I get home from the beach and take showers. I go out back and empty the gray water tank and pull the water tank valve. While waiting I start hear a pouring of water. BUT the tanks should be empty… I look under the camper and the bottom of the camper has ripped from underneath and is hanging and is pouring water out onto the ground. Luckily my parents are in the same town in their camper. My dad confirms the leaking and tells me to turn the water off immediately. I call Campers Inn (this is at 7:00 PM). I video the whole thing. My dad came and looked around and tells me that the bottom of the camper wasnu2019t even screwed in that it had been removed before. He also lifted up the bottom bunk to see if he could see what was leaking and he saw all the screws missing also to the plywood holding down the wood for the mattress. He believed there was a leak in the camper before and someone tried fixing it. So with no operating bathroom I needed to leave the camper because we have a newborn and two other small children and I have Crohnu2019s disease and I need a bathroom. We all stayed at my parents for the night until the repairman can come the next day; but my parents have a small camper that does not fit all of us. Tuesday 7/10/2018 the woman calls me to tell me she got my email and that she also let my salesman know what was going on and that she will tell the repairman to look at the leak at the bottom of the camper when he gets there. The salesman who told me if anything else goes wrong to call him and he would personally drive it up to the repairman. The repairman arrives and looks around and realizes that the toilet is the cause of the leak, the woman at Campers Inn realizes at this point that NO one fixed the toilet leak the first time we brought it back even though that was on the list of things that was wrong. The repairman changed a valve and turned the water back on, and it leaked from another spot. Confused, the repairman tried fixing it again, but did not have the correct valve. I told him the salesman said whatever he did not have he would personally drive it up to him. The repairman called the salesman and could not get a hold of him. Finally, the repairman got a hold of someone. It took them two hours to get to us and once he came he had the wrong part. Said he was going to Aubuchon Hardware to get it the correct part…. but NEVER RETURNED. In the meantime, now the repairman removed the entire toilet out of the camper and it is now outside. He had been at my place for five hours. It was explained by the repairman that someone tried to fix this toilet before. The screws are stripped. This just confirmed what my dad thought. So, my dad requested the repairman to this in his report when he got back to Campers Inn. The repairman ended up going and getting the part and fixed the toilet. He stated that he could not fix the underneath because he had no idea where the leak was coming from and the camper needed to be returned to Campers Inn. I knew I wasn’t getting my money back for the stay I already paid for. So since the toilet was fixed and the underneath was leaking outside I wasn’t leaving until my paid stay was over on Sunday. My husband would come get us and we would bring the camper to them then. I fell asleep and my six-year-old woke me up at 10pm to let me know that the camper was leaking again. This time it was coming from under the bunks. I again took photos and videos. My sister (who stayed because I feared being alone another night) lifted up the bed and it was filled with water. I then called the salesman’s cell phone. I sent the woman at Campers Inn all the photos and videos and told her everything shall remain in writing. I advised that we were no longer keeping this camper and wanted our money back. The salesman told me to turn the water off and that someone would call me in the morning. We spent another night with no water. On 7/11/2018, the woman from Campers Inn called me that morning and told me that someone would be up to get the camper to bring it to Campers Inn to be looked at. I packed up my whole camper by myself with three small kids. Since then I have not heard from Campers Inn in regard to my camper. I assume they picked it up, considering the campground has called demanding payment for a site. My husband and I cannot believe the service and the quality of this product. We want our money back with some added damages. At this time we have paid $926.41 in interest, still continuing to pay the loan each month as we do not want to damage our credit scores for thing out of our control and not our fault. We lost the value of the Errol camp site rental, had to leave the Newfound Lake camp site early and have lost the summer of camping that we had planned on. Sheena Kerrigan [email protected]

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