Camping World of Little Rock Sales department , untrustworthy North Little Rock Arkansas!!. We had been talking with a sales man for a couple of weeks about a used RV at Camping world of Little Rock. We phoned on Saturday morning and and talked to our salesman Tim B. He said come on over I have the unit here waiting on you. Now mind you we were 2 1/2 hours away. We drove there and were informed that Tim was busy and could not wait on us. Oh and by the way the unit we had just drove 2 1/2 hours to buy was sold!!!. Really? I asked repeatedly to talk to Tim B. but to no avail . They would not get him. They had another sales man show us a unit for $6000.00 more, the floor was so soft it probabaly would not have made it home. The unit was junk. I asked again to see Tim B. no luck he wasn’t going to face us. So we drove 2/12 hours back home . The sales manager behind the counter did not even take the time to get up from the counter, he just sat there. Showing me a piece of paper saying we just sold that unit! that’s all he’d say. We still have not heard from the saleman. Not on the drive home, and not for two days afterwards. On Monday morning I received a call from the Little Rock Campers worlds mangemant team. My ears were still burning so I did not get his name. He stated to me that I was lying and that my salesman had asked me to put a deposit up before we drove there. No NO he did not. I will take a lie dector to prove it. He is covering his butt! This company has no resepect for the people who they deal with and I feel that these actions are condoned by management, or we would have been offered a bottle of water, a gift card from the camping store something , instead we were out over 6 hours of our day $50.00 in fuel, and on the way back we got a rock in our wind shield and cracked it. I know not there problem, but put yorself in my shoes. If they would have called when it sold we could have turned around. But they did not care. They still do not care they tried to turn it around on us saying we were in the wrong. really I had a wad of cash to buy your rv and they it’s sold. Almost soounds like bait and switch. The only thing is we would not take there bait. Be leary of dealing with the sales department at this Campers world.

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