Complaint: Last year of college, looking for a place to stay. Was shown a nice clean apartment and decided to sign a lease with the furnished option. Was told that internet would be high speed, at least 4mbps. Was told that utilities were included in the rent, and that I would not go over unless I lived excessively. The price was rather high, and other promises were made of cleanliness, high maintenance, and fast service requests.When I arrived at my apartment, it was dirty, stains were all over the carpets, and the walls had an extremely bad paint job. The only clean thing in the apartment was the bathroom. This looked nothing like the apartment I was shown a few months ago. The furnished couch appeared to have been snapped in half (very broken) and there was a hole in my bedroom door the size of a football. The mattress I was given was dirty, old, and caved in. I bought my own bed and cleaned up myself. The landlord refused to replace the couch and it took 3 months for the hole in the bedroom door to be fixed.The first month of living there, I lived the way I normally do, using small amounts of electricity and water because it is better for the environment. Well I went over on my utilities allowance by $60 and have gone over every month without fail. No matter how little utilities I used, there was still an overage fee every month.A few months later and the complex is a mess. Cigarette buds are everywhere, as are dog feces. They don’t clean up. It’s disgusting.Now about the internet. The internet actually ran at less than half the speed as I was told. I ran tests and I know what I am doing. The contract also stated that this internet would be wireless, but it was actually wired. I was flat out lied to and the contract was broken.I spoke to different levels of management regarding my experience here. Emails and calls were not returned, and questions were left blatantly unanswered.Please do not do business with Campus Habitat. If you sign a lease there you will regret it for a year.

Tags: Landlords

Address: 25 Landis Ln Lillington, North Carolina United States of America