Complaint: The BBB hijacks and extorts information. They also target you personally, defame you, blackmail you and force you to surrender confidential information, pay for their membership. They also claim to intercept complaints that should go to the right authorities. Douglas Simpson is an Ontario Lawyer, and he has exposed me to hate, slander, contempt, interference with law. Davide Ward Mathis is a nobody, but is another President and is an ignorant and pretentious rights abuser, all because he has a back door with the Law Society to blackmailing information from me. The Better Business Bureau will blackmail information from you if you don’t pay them, and they will publish, without a lawful appeal process, anything that is incorrect so as to extort you personally. I heard Alan Cohen, the solicitor at the Council of Better Business Bureaus tell me that they control things, and that “…many people want their name off the list

Tags: Civil Rights Violators

Address: and we won’t do that.”” They are the number one abuser of business and personal rights and need to be stopped. They have no lawful right to rate me personally. My opinion is that they are a Criminal outfit and need to be stopped. They have cause so much harm to me

Website: 416-644-4945

Phone: I am a victim of their immeasurable policy and I am so upset by it. I have attached a picture of Douglas Simpson.”