This company has been operating for years soliciting investments by way of participation in a number afinity groups such as breakfast clubs, network, clubs, churches, and even a number of Members of Parliment. Originally operating out of Vancouver and in part founded former NDP Member of Parliment for Kamloops Nelson Riis and William Malone. They have been collecting millions by making false claims and offering promises of hope to their unsuspecting victims, some of which have now died, but not before having mortgaged their homes in the hopes of helping to bring affordable housing to millions of poor around the world while having visions of a profitable lisiting on the Nasdaq. Instead their futures were compromised and they were left penniless after these miracle promises failed to materialize even after more than a decade and unable to maintain their mortgages without severe hardship. Neslon Riis has since been found guilty of securites fraud and was compelled to pay an insignificant $40,000 fine. Ed Taylor of Calgary, Alberta was also instrumental in corraling many unsuspecting friends and so-called angel investors into the scheme, but to date still seems to operate without Conscience. When all is said and done, Mr. Taylor now holds himself out as President and CEO and after claiming that the company is bankrupt, or is going into receivership, he still seems to be actively presenting himself and the company as a legitimate enterprise. Ed has seemingly done quite well for himself inspite of claiming great personal hardship. Aftere all their promises by his own admission Canadian Rockport Homes has failed to deliver on more than just a handful of pre-fab affordable housing units anywhere at last count, if indeed they managed to produce any at all. Ed begged the shareholders of Rockport not to file additional complaints here in Alberta as was done with the Securities commmission in BC. This appears to have been a typical stall tactic and he still seems to be recruiting new investors into the fold. Their website is still active and still promoting the same old tired projects that they were promoting a decade ago, and the puppeteers seemingly impervious to detection. If you have encountered by Ed Taylor, Nelson Riis or Rockport affiliate, in the past or in recent history I would appreciate if you could send me your contact information and what documentary evidence you may have on file, including newsletters etc., which are periodically offered by the company.

Calgary, Alberta Canada

Prefabricated Homes