Complaint: A friend of mine who has Candace Bow as his POA has no idea what is happening to his money. He has been moved from one assisted living home to another, they brought no clothing for him, his electric wheel chair is supposedly broken, his photos and other personal items of his deceased wife and daughter are missing and he is broke and confused. Another friend spoke with a Carol through AZ Guardians and she is not the least bit helpful, will not disclose to him where his money is going and I’m sure they are skimming money off of his Social Security benefits. This man is a veteran and needs better treatment than he is receiving. He has parkinson’s disease and diabetes and they are trying to imply that he is not of sound mind. These people are paranhas and must be stopped. If you look at how many houses have been Quit Claim Deeded to Candace, you’ll see very obvious RED FLAGS for this group. Stop the before they take your family member or friend to the cleaners.

Tags: Senior Services

Address: Sawik Circle, Fountain Hills, AZ Fountain Hills, Arizona United States of America


Phone: 480-836-1221