Complaint: This review is long overdue! Unfortunately, he was our attorney for our wrongful death case. Charles Candiano represented both children (us) and the our father’s wife, which presented a conflict of interest. He brokered a deal between the wife and us, his two children, and then attempted to change it later to our detriment and in favor of the wife. He failed to communicate and apprise us of developments in the case. He failed to report expenses and fees despite our repeated request to do so. It became clear there was malpractice occurring and we needed to protect our rights. We were left no option but to hire our own counsel. This led us to incur unnecessary legal fees in excess of $70,000 to force him to honor the original deal he brokered. After years of stalling and lies from him and his counterpart, Jordan Margolis, justice prevailed and the court ordered him to honor the original deal he brokered and finally pay us what we were owed. In 2012 we hired a malpractice attorney and sued Candiano and the principal of the firm, Jordan Margolis. The case is still on going. We are currently suing for negligence and breech of fiduciary duties along with other things. You can verify this on Cook County’s website under the law division docket (Candiano vs. Marchant). Someone else around the same time, which you can see as well, also sued them both in the civil court. Shortly after we hired our malpractice attorney we found out that the wife was never paid her portion of the settlement. Yes, Charles Candiano and Jordan Margolis stole her money and many others in excess of $1,000,000.00. Do some research on Charles Candiano and Jordan Margolis and you will find out Jordan Margolis has since been disbarred for the reason stated above. Candiano should lose his license too but the only reason Candiano has not been prosecuted is because he has hidden under the safety net of the indemnification agreement he had when Jordan Margolis hired him. He has tried to cry broke in our malpractice case over the years and claim he is on the verge of bankruptcy, being evicted, etc, which is just another reason to run from this lawyer. No proof…..just more lies to avoid paying for his mistakes. He again is trying to hide under the indemnification agreement and trying to force a disbarred attorney, Jordan Margolis, to pay for yet another one of his mistakes. In reality they are both to blame. Please don’t be another one of this lawyer’s victim!!! Don’t go through what we have been through and are still going through with him for the past 6 plus years later. Find ANY other attorney! Update: The case went on for 3 years until recently he tried to settle with us. Given recent health problems in our family and just wanting to put this behind us we reluctantly agreed to settle for a ridiculously and insultingly low figure. He then did not pay. We are filing a complaint with the ARDC.

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