I worked on two jobs in 2016 for Candice C Brittian as a contract designer, creating wardrobe for a music video and an audi commercial. I was toid the job was a 45 day net and i had to wait to get paid. After 45 days she claimed she did not get paid herself and I was made to wait even longer. Finally she paid me with a check that was 3,800.oo which bounced in my account. | Upon confronting her I was told that the check bounced in her account as well so i took it upon my self to call both production companies becaause I suspected it was a bit unusial that both companies could write bad checks, I was informed that she got paid 2 weeks after the job. | I did not imediatly confront her with this knowledge because i knew in that moment it would be very tricky to get my money if I did. So my plan of action was to show sympathy and offer her a payment plan where she could pay me 300 dollars a week till it was paid off. | She agreeded but only paid 2 paymnts ad then claimed she had to go out of town because her father was dying. | In the mean time i had found out that she had done this to someone else, and upon asking what te excuse for not paying was. I was informed that it was because her father had died. Strange i thought how could her father die in october of 2015 and be alive again in feb of 2016. | This is the behavior of an unstable personality, called a sociopath,a person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior and a lack of conscience. | My only recourse was to take her to court, which she did not take seriously and i recieved a judgement for 3,315.00. I tried everything to collect which by the way the court system in entirely unhelpful in gaing your due money. It has been impossiable to garnish wages for sshe is a stylist and moves from client to client. She never leaves money in her account and it is impossiable to extract it there. | Even a summons to court to determin method of payment was not taken seriously. My last resort is a bench warrent for her arrest but they may take years before they catch her. | It has been extremely frustrating, and like i said i am not the only one she owes money to.


Name: Candice C Brittain

Country: United States

State: California

City: Agoura Hills

Address: 4240 Lost Hills Rd UNIT 2204

Phone: 626-616-8914