Complaint: Mike Corso, came to my home with a young boy to give me an estimate on refinishing my dining room and living room floors. He told me before he came that he was a licenses contractor and also contracts through Home Depot, too. I thought that he will be a GREAT CONTRACTOR since he had a lot of experience. Boy, was I wrong! My nightmare begin on March 7, 2012. Corso, quoted me a great price on the floors and showed me his NJ licence and his contrator picture from Home Depot, when he came into my home. He, took all the proper measurements and said that he will be there to do the job with his team on Saturday, March 10, 2012. I then gave him a half down payment and he went about his way, but after he left I noticed that he left his credit card. So, called and he just laugh and said you are a very honest person. I never thought that would be the last time I would see Mike Corso. Night before I prep my home, and 900am came and he did nt show. I called him several times and he didnt answer. When he finally answered he said he emailed me to reschedule for the following Sat. The following Sat., came and he had another excuse why he could not come to do the job, once again. He told me that he was in and out the hospital, SO HE WAS BACKED UP and the young man who was suppose to come, didnt have a key to get into the garage. I was exhausted from hearing the lies, so I asked for my money back. He said okay and hung up. After, that call I didnt hear from him, until two days later. I called at least 30 times in between that time.After awhile I realized that I have been SCAMMED SINCE MIKE KEPT TELLING ME, ONE LIE AFTER ANOTHER. Finally I told him that I would come to get my refund. He said that he had to check to see if his secertary sent it and hung up. I called bk no anwer, than he left a message saying the monweey has been sent, and since he lives in Brigantine, which is a small town it would take a longer time for me to get it. It has been a week and a half and I still didnt get the money, yet! What made this matter even worst is, Im a mother of two young children and I do not have extra disposable cash and Mike knew this, and still took my money without giving me the services I paid half down for. If he comes to your door slam it in his face.

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