Writes false complaints about financial offers listed on backpage and craigslist. he report is absolutely untrue, and liebel. | Just so you know. Capital cash.Co is in violation of s.B 497 Senate bill) for selling ” credit privacy numbers ” | The senate bill states ” the purchase of “cpn ” ” credit privacy numbers ” ” credit protection numbers ” are illegal, and fraud. If you purchase a cpn from capital cash.Co or any other seller of cpn numbers is fraud, and they are lying to you about the 1974 privacy act-no where in the act does it state that a consumer can use a | Cpn number. The 1974 privacy act states ” your are not required to issue your social security number to anyone” other than to the irs, drivers license bureau or govenment benefits. It is a false statement using the 1974 privacy act to conduse consumers of the law…Don’t believe me..Call your local state attornys office, or a local lawyer and ask them and see what they tell you. Faslifying your social security number for credit is fraud. | Don’t believe a word of it-capital cash.Co lies. Every cpn seller is breaking the law selling illegal made up cpn numbers using childrens ssn or making them up using the ssn validator, or death index records. You are subject to felony charges if you get cought. | 6 people in maryland were indicted for selling cpn numbers-don’t believe me.Call the doj Department of justice, ftc-federal trade commission- attorney generals office.Cpn numbers are not real and is fraud. | Email used to write this complaint about us Usa shelf corporations) is bogus | Allysonlengregy tina conley same name used by capital cash.Co who claims we are-however

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