I will never recommend or refer any one to Capital City Cycles in Columia SC. | Prior to September 2016…about a month before I had been contacted by a sales representative from them about an inquiry I mad about a bike. I was so busy that I didn’t realize they had been calling, so I was missing calls. I wasn’t ignoring them…just busy. Then one day I decided to give them a call back. I wasn’t calling to guarantee or to promise to purchase a bike, to look only! I had no intentions of purchasing a bike I went by the next day to check it out. I met twith sales rep that called, however I ended up with someone else. From that point on I dealt with that particular sales person. I was brought into the office, I told them specifically that I was not looking to purchase yet. I kept acting like they understood.Conned me into completing paperwork. i told them that I would let them know when I would be able to make a purchase if I decided to. The leased had been signed. Now they are looking for a down payment from me. They contacted the leasing company (MotoLease) to and told them I ihad given them a down payment, in which I never did. I was told to tell the them that I did. This was done just to get the loan amount. They knew this was the only way they get paid for making a sale. They then ask for my id, and a card (debit/credit), I knew something was wrong from that point on. Why are they asking for a card if I told them that I was not making a purchase? I was told that they were not charging the card unles I was ready to do so. Well I gave them a card, but not a valid one. They then ask for a check written from my bank account. Once again I told them that I was not ready to make a purchase. They again stated that they would not deposit the checks unless I was ready. But at the same time they wanted a down payment. The check were written on for the dates I specified. I then contacted them and visited the business to let them know not long after that I changed my mind about the checks and did not want to proceed with any transactions. I was told that whenever I was ready to let them know. The first set of checks were cancelled and I was ask to re-write for when I could take care of the deposit. Again I was told that if I decided I didn’t want to they would shred the checks and I took their word at it. I was then contacted some time later from the dealer (finance) that I owe for deposit. I once again told them I didn’t want the bike and that I didn’t not owe them. At the end of October, I recieved a phone call from the insurance company. I told them I never had possession the bike and that I did not want it. They verified and cancelled insurance. After about another month i get a phone call from the dealer again, saying I owe 1000 for return checks. The same checks I ask them not to deposit because i was not going to purchase the bike. The same checks i took them at their word saying they would shred them. Wchich obvisously never happen, or otherwise i would not have been getting the phone call. The next today I got a call fronm the leasing company (Moto Lease). By this time I am pissed, and aggravated. | The phone call with the leasing company, started a little rocky, but I was able to explain myself. The rep advise I contact the dealer to verify that they still had possession of the bike. Because, according to their system the account was still active and showing that I owe a payment. After talking with her, I hung up and called the dealer. I spoke with the same person that contacted me the day before. I spoke with him and explained my case. I suggesed i come in a speak with a manager to clear any confusion. He told me he would call me back after he ahd spoken to the manager as well. I was very upset and confused to the point I didn’t even want to go in at all. told him I would try but I am not going to be forced to purchase anything. I was done with them and told him I would not recommend anyone to them. Well, i received a missed call back. I called, and ask to speak with Jim. I was told he was out. I gave her my name and she explained why I got the call, in which I already knew, and I let her know that. I then tried to explain that I didn not owe anything…but of course not in those words…it was more nasty than nice. SHe continued to try and tell me that I signed the lease so now I’m responsible for the down payment. | I feel they were trying to recoupe the money for the down payment for the satifisfaction of the leasing company to cover their a*s. Other wise the company would not have electronically given it to them. Then they lied to the company saying I gave them the payment. this is not my responsibility. They should be more clear and professional. i was conned and lied to so many times it was ridiculous. They are very unprofessional and I would nver ever send any of my friends or family to them.


Name: Capital City Cycles

Country: United States

State: South Carolina

City: Columbia

Address: 7810 Two Notch Rd

Phone: 1 803-779-3110

Website: www.capitalcitycycles.net/