Capital City Imports David Lloyd Capital City Imports, Experts, Really! Tallahassee, Florida!!. Avoid Capital City Imports, Tallahasse Florida. This is a small used import lot but the marque sign indicated a car of interest to me, so after 10 minutes or so a young man strolled out, (looking like he just arrived from a late night frat party) After ensuring me he was the salesman we looked at the car of choice. First it was filthy, the battery was dead, (that took another 15 minutes to get a jump box) then after it fired up, the check engine light was on, Radio Code is on, No gas,. so no test drive, and all this poor ill informed sales idiot could say is how much better the 350Z was! Really? So anyway the “salesman” says “we have an excellent service department” OK I’m in lets go see it, we walk around to the back, and the are 2 guys both sitting under the shade tree, (it was quite hot) there was no dedicated service area what so ever, just a bunch of junky looking cars, parts, and tools lying around the ground, I had seen enough. I would rather pay more for a better car, and deal with a reputable dealership then pay the big price of buying from someone like Capital City Imports

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