I received a call from the number 1-323-391-7982. The caller had an accent and said he was calling from Capital Place One. He told me that he was informing me that there was two purchases on my card, one for over $1,000, the 2nd one was under $400. He did gave me the exact figures. He asked me if I had made those purchase. I told him I did not and since the card was deactivated I didn’t understand how anyone could have used it. He then proceeded to ask me to confirm my name, address, and last four digits of my social security number, which I confirmed.He then asked me to confirm the security code, which I did, then the card number, and I said, "Don’t you have that?"Yes, he did. He just wanted to confirm the number and I did not confirm. He then asked me for the expiration date. I became very suspicious by then and asked him where was he calling from. He said he was calling from the Capital One office. I told him that he had a lot of knowledge about me and I was going to call Capital One office, and I did. I spoke to Jose, who was very gracious and took the information about the attempted scam, which it was. Jose recommended that I call the BBB. It is Friday night and I opted to file a report online. I will be issued a new card by company.