I searched online, and found a mystery shopping job on ABC something. They said I was approved, then a week or two later I got an email saying I would get a check. When the check came, I was surprised by the amount. I let them know I got the check. They told me to deposit the check, then let them know so they could release the money. When the money was released they would give me my assignment. I got a priority mail envelope from Liz Dachaler, 2516 Maple Ave, Concord, CA 94520-1823. There was a check in the envelope from OnPoint Community Credit Union made out to me in the amount of $2450 and a letter signed by Alex Baker, Task Supervisor. The letter read:" Detailed Instructions" and said it was a guide to my first task as a Customer Service Evaluator. My salary was $200. Mandatory that my assignment was completed w/in 24 hrs. It said text 973-846-2653 "Task Received". Required me to deposit the check into my bank account. Instructed me to go to Walmart.