Edmiston and Company is the most recent legitimate business name being used in an e-mail employment scam targeting megayacht captains and crew. nThe company has been u201cunder attack over the past couple of weeks from scammers trying to offer people employment aboard yachts using our company name (incorrectly for that matter),u201d said Tom Lilley, a brokerage assistant with Edmiston in London. u201cThey are taking money in the form of visa applications.u201d nu201cI would be most grateful if you could help us with getting the word out to anybody that might be caught out by this,” he said. u201cWe do not actively market ourselves for employment and our crew department is contactable on [email protected] nIn an official company statement

Edmiston stated:nu201cEdmiston wishes to raise awareness of a possible UK visa scam that was discovered recently. nThe group of scammers using a variety of apparent pseudonyms such as Morris Winter

Capt. Jones William

Capt. Pierre Elliot and Capt. Casey Miller start with false job adverts in e-mails naming unsuspecting companies

u2018The Edmiston Hotelu2019 amongst them. nu201cUnfortunately