On February 19 2018, We hired capt Smokey to take us on a chartered fishing trip. The fishing trip that was implied and what we experienced are very different. His Facebook posts are carefully planned and laid out to imply a honest and experienced boat captain. We set out with high expectations, realizing that fishing is a fickle sport. We are west coast people and have some experience ocean fishing, We were taken about 1 mile out of harbor and anchored on a severely over fished reef . The fishing was limited to bait size fish , We did catch fish but they were bait and placed in his bait barrel. I’m sure that we could have moved to a better spot or even did some drift fishing but no, Capt smokey was very interested in catching blacktip sharks and that is what he proceed to do, Unsuccessfully by the way. upon returning to the dock we were required to pay the first mate additional fee’s. We declined, The $ paid for the trip was in excess of a fair price for the quality of the trip. Just a reminder that some people are dishonest and stack the reviews to get business, I am confident he was available for our charter because the locals new better. sure does not leave us Oregonians with a positive review of Florida.


Name: Capt Todd R. Colabella

Country: United States

State: Florida

City: Sebastian

Address: 1606 Indian River Dr,

Phone: 908-489-2998