We did some work with this company and everything went wrong after our delivery and talking to the owner kyle charles newlove. | He demanded a full refund and did a small claims court. | My husband and i didn’t have anything to pay kyle with and that’s were things got worse. | We started to get threatening phone calls to pay and that they will post online reviews. | That’s not it, we started having plumbing companies showing up at our house saying they were there for a clogged toilet. We never called them but somehow my phone number showed up on their end. | The person doing the calls was hired by kyle charles newlove and that same person is posting fake reviews. | They also send out threatening email by the names of | Wendy sample | Tom lukas | Caro romano | Vanessa villasenor v | We want everyone to be aware of kyle charles newlove. He’s done this to others and has gotten away with it.


Name: Captus design

Country: Canada


City: Kelowna

Address: 532 Glenmeadows rd

Phone: 3067165940

Website: captus.ca/