I took my car to get window tint installed. They had a rookie install tint on a brand new car. There were light gaps and scratches all over. Chris said no problem I’ll have my senior tech redo the tint. He did a better job however apon final inspection we noticed he left cut marks all over the car, in the plastic trim piece on the drivers side AR frame and cut our dome light. | The cuts a clearly intentional because he was mad that he had to take off the rookies tint. I have pictures and video. Also the tech decided that he would run my battery down so he could listen to music. This set off all kinds of alarms which I also have video. I went to speak with Ron and he told me to get estimates. So we took the time to do so and now he will not call back. I decided to make complaints every where I can so people know. I contacted the BBC and left reviews everywhere. Do not go here. RON JUST TO AVIOD FIXING THEIR MISTAKES. I AM NOT GOING AWAY UNTIL THIS SITUATION IS FIXED.


Name: Car Audio Cocoa

Country: United States

State: Florida

City: Cocoa

Address: 590 W King St

Phone: 321-417-0951

Website: www.cocoaflwindowtinting.com/