Car Corner of Cabot Jim Farnam Took advantage financially an physically Cabot Arkansas!!. A friend of mine told me they thought they would be honest with me on a car so i went to the car lot and was honest about my and he has this speech about being honest and trustworthy. And I even ask him what he thought would be a good dependable car for me cause I didn’t know anything about cars and I told him about other trouble I had with buying bad cars. He took my car for test drive and drove the vehicle he wanted me to buy. He drove me to a house an made sexual advances towards me and then back at the car lot he messed up on the paperwork twice and threw them away and then missed up on the title . he told me that he was going to give me 800 for my car because the transmission was going out in it and he would have to run it threw the auction cause he wouldn’t be able to sell it. And I gave him 300 cash and by the third time of redoing the paper work he had me only giving 200 dow

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Car Corner of Cabot