Car Gurus Misleading data presentation in my ad without consultation. Internet!!. My issue is with Cargurus for adding un-solicited data into my submitted ad. In large red letters at top of ad Cargurus states vehicle is more than $2,000.00 over-priced. However, if you scroll down you will see the chart of average prices on which their “overpriced” identifcation is based. Problem is their chart stops at 70,000 miles as lowest to be expected, a distinct warning past which I’m sure many people do not continue. The fact that my vehicle has less than 30,000 original miles, was owned and meticulously maintained by a county municipality is not considered. They just go with their average which, in this case, is so mis-leading as to interfer with my attempt to do business. My vehicle is available for any manner of inspection to verify condition “in reality”, not just based on the lazy assumption that all is the same, there can be no difference. Using someone else’s numbers for a purley matmatical average in no way conveys an accurate picture in all cases. In this case I believe it has actually interferred with my honest attempt to sell a uniquly well preserved vehicle with thousands of miles yet to go. Cargurus should do what they offer, advertising of parties attempting to sell a vehicle. It is not necessary for them to act as mommy for people too lazy to do their own research. Making assumptions only proves the old addage, never assume, it just makes an a*s of you and me. Do acurate work that actually has value, don’t pander to the lemming attitude of today where the mentally deficient turn to operations like yours to think for them. You wanted such a situation, is it really too overtaxing to strive for accuracy?

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