Car-Mart Springfield, Missouri. Americas CarMart, Drive Easy Dishonest, Overpriced, and lack of communication. Springfield, Missouri!!. Purchased a 2005 Pontiac Sunfire from Carmart for $8,299.00, a service contract for $395.00. With all fee’s added up, my finance charge is $8916.31, not to mention that one my interest was included my total comes out to $10,859.35. The blue book for this car which has 122,633 miles ont it is $5475.00 and me not being educated knowing that there is a blue book because this is my first car lot purchase, I feel they took big advantage of me. I have had the car for less than 2 months and its been in the shop for over a week and they wont tell me whats wrong with it. Every day i call Carmart they will tell me that they dont know nothing yet and that they will know the next day. I feel that I am partially to blame on the purchasing price for not being educated and not asking for help but they should practice good business and not be dishonest towards customers and I would not recommend them to anyone.

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