Car parts Source Poorme sales Scam, Liar, Poor customer service, Miami,Fl Internet!!. Contacted in order to locate a part for my van. Was contacted by “charlie” and was told that he had the part and that it would be shipped to me by another company and it would arrive on weds November 2,2016. On monday October 31,2019 “charlie” contacted me and told me that the part i gave him was wrong and that i was an idiot for trying to order that part number. He informed me to send him pictures of the part, in which I did. On Tuesday november 2,2016, I contacted “charlie” and inquired on the status of the part, in which he told me he had the part and that it would ship, I asked him when it would get to me and he told me “When it does”. At that time I informed charlie that it was unacceptable and I would like my money back for the merchindise that was not provided to me. I informed him that I was a disabled vet and that the $200 he

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