Car sheild A complete scam St peters MO!!. This company is a complete scam. I called them up today and made a claim for my 2002 GMC Yukon SLT and I was told that they don’t cover the seals or the block of the motor now when I bought the policy and went over there contract they said they did cover those parts the contract is very confusing and I called the company and they reassured me that those parts would be covered well after I call the claims department and getting a very rude guy on the phone I call the account Department and I explained to them that if y’all don’t cover the block and seals then what am I paying y’all for they said they could not refund me my money since it was longer than 30 days. I’ve been having the policy for 2 months now but they lie to me to make me stay on the policy t i l l time ran out all the receptionist could tell me was oh I’m sorry you had a bad experience I told her this is a scam and you are not an honest person I also explained to her that if I did not get it fixed the vehicle would get worse over time and then they would not cover the policy because of negligence but it’s their fault that there is negligence in the first place so if you’re thinking about getting this policy with this company just don’t Policy number mrs1177733.

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