car toys lynnwood Washington They are Overcharging everybody for installation, if you do not want the fancy connectors and request just clipping them off and hard wire them instead, they refuse to. Lynnwood Washington!!. Around christmas I found a sale price on a deck I wanted to get for my wifes SUV for 149.00 went to purchase it and after he looked in the truck to see what he needed for the install,the guy come back with a 1143.00 total cost! I asked how it went from 149 to 1100ish and he says he “HAD to use fancy spealer connectors for bose speakers,$60 needed to add a $90 onstar connector, I explained “onstar did not work” he said didnt matter it HAD to be added! Anyways the list went on I told him I used to compete in stereo compatitions in the 90’s,and we just butt connected all that s***,he said “they WOULD not do that!! Sorry but its my car,I didnt need all the extra connectors and crap woulda worked the same,it shoulda been about 300 dollars MA

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