BEWARE-PREDATORY BUSINESS ! Cardinal Moving Systems charged me double than they quoted me for a move from New York City to Hawaii. Their agent never came to assess the property that needed to be moved, although they claimed they have an office in the New York area. The salesman from Cardinal Moving Systems gave me an assessment over the phone and told me it will cost me $2664.35 total. That was a lie. On the day of the move, after the moving crew packed everything in the truck, and locked it, the foreman told me I was over the quote and overcharged me for a total of $5650.85 That was $3000 more than quoted and I had to pay, since the truck was packed and locked. Typical moving scam, as I later read on The fine print contract stipulates that every extra cubic feet will be charged $10. After I paid in full, the moving company grossly mishandled my property and destroyed over 26 items to include Vintage Herodyne Radio, Vintage Gossip Bench, chairs which the moving workers pilled one on top of each other and then wrapped, Tiffany lamp, armoire, an antique Tal Tree Coat rack hanger whose iron hooks were broken in half, crystal glasses, Lennox Abigail dinner plates, antique Gingerbread Wall clocks, not to mention even an antique Hamilton pocket watch that was wrapped in bubble wrap and placed in a cigar box. The boxes were all severely damaged and were proof of how badly my property was mishandled. On top of the quote scam, the moving company added at least $3000 in property damage. I filled an extensive claim in November 2015 and only in June 2016 I received a settlement letter after many inquiries. It was in the amount of $150.60. After all this company has done wrong, now they added insult to injury and offered me $150.60 and a release form to release them from all future claims, law suits, complaints or bad reviews. They can keep their ridiculous settlement and I keep my right to post reviews and complaints to any and all websites or Government Agencies. My advice, STAY AWAY ! Look for a reputable company, that has an office where you live. Cardinal Moving Systems needs to be shut down and all their agents fined for misleading customers.

Hawaii USA

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