These developers deleted my entire account (500$ of in app purchases worth) because i posted feedback on the forum (non violating) about the game. They deleted my post and then deleted my account and banned me, attempting to hide my warnings of their scams. See below: “I know what your main account is, and it has been permanently banned from playing Cards and Castles. So in the end, you were right; I did delete all your cards. Go find somewhere else to waste your time.” – vontre (a cards and castles developer) Note: Never did i once violate the forum rules. They simple did not like it when I posted how their recent update ruined the gAme. As a result, they basically deleted ~ $500 in purchases i made through the app. Be warned people, these guys are unprofessional and know their game is burning to the ground. All the new updates are geared towards sucking $$$ from you.

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