I worked for this company for 2 months, I would never recommend this company to anyone!! I never saw a lease agreement to sign, did not receive the full fuel surcharge to the driver, held out tons of miscellaneous fees for the office staff and a bunch of other garbage. The “so called” President of the company is nothing but a lying rat, he lied to me and my best friend who both of us came to this company assuming that we would enjoy it, but both of us were stiffed 9 different ways from Sunday!!! | The trucks were complete trash, dirty inside and out, missing parts, break down every few days, etc. This company is the worst of the worst, anyone who still works there and have posted positive reviews about this “so called company” were paid to make those false reviews to attempt to get more drivers hired on. He can post anything he wants to after I post this but anyone looking at this company can contact me personally and I will prove that guy wrong!!!! We were told several different times that we would be paid for work that we did and never saw any of it! This company still to this day owes my best friend and I money that we will never get!!! | every time we tried to call payroll, she was always out of the office, we were told that she would call us back and never returned any of our calls. They will put a list a mile long on your D.A.C. report that is nothing but lies!!!!! That is exactly what they did to me. They put on my D.A.C. report that I had an unauthorized passenger on my truck when I filled out the paperwork and paid the fees to have that person on my truck, I had the paperwork in the truck at all times and still have that same paper to fight that false accusation in court!!!!! beware they will tell you to get the load there at all costs and then put on your D.A.C. report that you had a log violation!!!!!


Name: Caregan Transport

Country: United States

State: Indiana

City: Richmond

Address: 320 N 8th St

Phone: 765-935-0484