Lots of attitude. Also, the doctor ran more than $500 in extra tests that my fiance specifically told to the doctors face not to run. Doctor ordered the tests anyway, then blamed us for not “reading over the discharge form you signed””. My fiance was sick

and taken advantage of. I’ve never had to carefully read a discharge form ANYWHERE to check that the doctor was not running tests she explicitly was told not to run. I mean how deceitful can you be? Then to robotically repeat “”you signed the form”” over and over again

and provide no help? Now we have to pay $250 out of pocket because the reason we didn’t want those tests is because we are low income and literally can’t afford it. Thanks for forcing us into financial hardship Carewell. You really care well about your patients

or should I call us “”customers””. Now we are at the mercy of Quest Diagnostics.”

922 Highland Avenue needham, Massachusetts USA