Welcome to Caribbean Cruise Lines, I’m showing you’ve been transferred for a free cruise to the Bahamas, Is that correct? Here at Caribbean Cruise Line we are running this promotion simply to fill any usused cabins and generate positive word of mouth advertising. And so the script continues. IF you are dumb enough to buy the free cruise, we will SCAM you into buying an extended stay vacation package that includes all the bells and whistles. If you are smart and say NO all the way down, you can get the vacation for $586 instead of $935. Just keep saying NO. If you are dumb enough to still work there, it usually is because you have little or no money to live on and can’t get to a computer to see all the scams listed on here and you can’t see the rated F report on the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This company pays out $5000 or less to employees every week no matter how many employees they have according to the TO in the office. That means they know exactly how much they will be padding their own pockets each week while basically screwing every employee that works there. Jackie S Shaifer goes by Susan in the office most times when she is on the phone and that is hardly at all. The laziest Jew you will ever meet and typical attitude problem, she deserves to be put out of business. A liar and a thief to employees as well as consumers, this ex-employee has spoken to many others and it’s time to put her out of her misery. A good friend of mine received a check for $35 for 12 hours of work. She has since contacted the Federal Wage and Hour Division as well as Help Me Howard and Carmel Cafiero. It’s sad that no matter what I say to my friend who got the $35.00 check, she is sorry she was scammed because she loved the job. Go figure. As for myself and the 8 other employees that worked there, we are livid. The company employs sumissive tactics to many indigent individuals that need a job and have no means to switch. They stay and get paid less than they should and under minimum wage. CONSUMERS and EMPLOYEES – Beware!!

941 NE 19th Ave #202, Ft Laud., FL 33301 Fort Lauderdale, Florida USA



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