Carite (Brite financial) Ripped me off Madison heights Michigan!!. MY transmission in my Chevy impala had gone out so I was left carless and couldn’t get a loan for a car anywhere due to me and my father having cross credit and his tax records showing up on my credit report. I eventually saw a comercial advertising so i went there and applied i get to the dealership and they told me i needed a co signer so my mom cosigned (so I thought) and we signed the paperwork i bought a 2018 mazda 3 isport for $18,000 but buying wasnt actually buying little did i know i signed a lease and they made my mom the primary and me the co signer i eventually decided i wanted to trade the car in so i calle to find out how much i owed and they told m $12,000 to pay off lease and $21,000 if i was keeping the vehicle i was confuse because that was the first time i heard of my car being a lease so i could not trade the car in because it was only worth $10,000 in the process i contacted them several time trying to get a resolution and got nun i eventually lost my job and they came and repoed the vehicle but i didnt want a repo on my record so i got it back and 29 days later they came and took the vehicle again in which i go it back and am stuck paying $29,000 at the end of my lease and will have to return the vehicle unless i pay another $9,000 I have contacted them about terminating the lease and they refuse i call and leave voicemails for upper managment and they dont return my calls i can not physically go into the finace company because they are in michigan and i live in wisconsin. every person I talk to is rude and very disrespectful.

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