The slumlord Carlos Aispuro Senior is factually an illegal Landlord who is criminally renting out his house that is considered uninhabitable by the Health and Human Services Department located at Sweetwater Lodge, 10707 Jamacha Blvd, # 159 Spring Valley, California, 91978. | The slumlord Carlos Aispuro Senior should be stopped from renting his house, because he has continuous housing code violations such as roach infestation, rat infestation, broken windows, broken toilets and bad plumbing issues. | Please immediately go stop the illegal criminal Landlord Carlos Aispuro Senior from being able to illegally rent at Sweetwater Lodge mobile home park located in Spring Valley, California. Thank you for your help!


Name: Carlos Aispuro

Country: United States

State: California

City: Spring Valley

Address: 3536 S Cordoba Ave

Phone: (619) 488-7528