I leased a 2011 toyota camary from carmax in duarte, ca in february of 2017 with a maxcare warranty of coarse in most cases in the first 5 days that you can return the car if you don’t like it or 30 days repairs are done at no charge this time is not enough to start noticing that something is wrong with a car. I want to explain what happend in the shortest way possible, so i drive on the fwy everyday and the car started to feel really bumpy and pull to right side so I took it to a mechanic close to my house for a alignment and was told that he could not give me the warranty with the alignment cause the car needs some parts that were worn out replaced the estimate for repair was more than $1000.00. I called carmax service center to let them know what i was told and booked appt to get it fixed, when i picked up the car the employee told me that they replaced the air filter at no charge but he didn’t say anything about checking on the problems I had concerns about. | About a week after my car was pretty much getting worse just driving the car feels very unsafe. I called to tell them that the car is still having problems and they tried to give a appt in 3 weeks or to call another dealer which I did because I’m scared something can brake in the tire area and cause a accident I have to drive this car in fear of hurting my kids or myself and anyone else around me cause carmax service center is not looking into what’s the cause of the problem but instead just guessing. I did take the car for a secound repair to toyota of san bernardino and they replaced the engine mount which of coarse I got stuck with having to pay for cause the dealer dosen’t check for any parts that are worn out when someone goes in to sell their used cars to them. | They suggested I buy new tires and so did the other dealer so I did and the car is the same! I told I was told that maybe the boot was worn out but they didn’t check it and just let time go by so my warranty would expire. I noticed the cover from the air filter box wasn’t closed down tight and the reason was because the new filter they put in is a bigger size so the top dosen’t close and they still left like that. I really feel rippedoff because I now struggle with not affording to fix the car and paying for it every month so it leaves me on having to hold on the repairs that I shouldn’t have to pay for and I’m stuck with. I really hope I can get my case looked into and know that the car needs many repairs that weren’t caused from me driving the car for less then a year when I started to notice the problems. Now I see that I’m not the only one having issues with carmax dealers.

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