Carnes motor Co Liz, Lois, and someone who lied about his name being Brian and nephew of the owner Attempted kidnapping of Minor and Repossession South Houston Texas!!. On 6/25/2019 I went to Carnes Motor Company to purchase a vehicle since one was needed due to attend Specialty doctors due to recent disability. Went with $1500 down, Lois assisted me. Was nice and helpful. I did not find a vehicle I liked at that price but did find one for $1800 down (2016 GMC Acadia) Got the difference from a friend who drove me there plus the added $248 needed for the insurance. That evening I was flagged down on the freeway by a friendly motorist who informed me the tail lights needed at night were not on. All the proper buttons and knobs were on correctly. Called Carnes (Lois) took the car in the next day and they corrected that problem (was a bad relay). 2 days later front driver tire blew, inside tread was bad apparently due to bad alignment which was fine but tires were not replaced after the bad alignment problem. Bough a new tire and was informed passenger side tire also had the same problem, so purchased both. Paid $150 for them days after purchase. Car was having issues needing an oil change so I got that done, all this within the first week. Ac started having issues. Then I almost get hit by a car getting into my lane and when I tried to use the horn there was nothing. At this point, 2 safety mechanisms were not working at purchase. The second week having said car Liz calls and says a $375 was due and I ask for what since I have only had the car 2 weeks. She informs me that there were 2 deferred payments for 6/09 (2 weeks after purchase) and 6/25 and 7/09. I was not informed of this and let her know that Friday someone one would be in to pay it and she said they would repo it and could not wait till Friday even though i was in the hospital. She told me to borroe the money and have someone come pay it. Mind you people work during their business ours and this place does not have a way to pay with debit or credit. Today, on 6/19/2019 I go to a store with my 9 year and 12 year olddaughters and dog. My 9 yr old and I walk into the front of the store to buy one item while 12 year old wanted to stay in the car with the dog. I get a call from my 12 year old daughter crying and screaming there is a amn in the car! Come quick! I run out the store with 9 yr old behind me and see am tall man by the car. I yell step away from the car!!! 2 security officers then pull up. The tall man asks if I was ” (name)” I said yes. He stated he was there to repossess the car. He says if I do not let him take it he will disbale the car. Security askes if I am ok and I argue with him to at least let me take the kids home. Since security is there he agrees. He follows me home and when I get there I ask why is he repossing the car. He says no insurance and the payment is behind. I call Liz she tells me that if I let them take it, she will work something out with me in the moning since she was getting ready to leave. I go to ask her a question and she pretends she cant hear me and hangs up the phone. I try to cll back and get a voicemail that does not allow me to leave a message. Repo guy then says he wants to talk to me. I call my fiance who works for a major media outlet here in Houston. I have him on the line. He tells me to ask the guy his name. He (repo guy) states it is “Brian” and he is the nephew of the owner. He looks at the contract and says that if the insurance is truly “good” and I cooperate, he will redo the contract in the morning to move the 6/9/17 and 6/25/17 payment to the end to add payment 40 and 41 and the 1st payment won’t be due till the oridinal 7/9/17 date on the contract he had. I didn’t have the insurance in the car since my girls had taken everything out of the car per my request at this point. I was still sitting in the vehicle. He also states they have to go to an auction in conroe in the morning and because of the bad contract would even bring the car back to me in the morning on the way to the auction and he nowmally doesn’t do that. I then agree to get out of the vehicle and allow them to take it. As soon as I get out the car the other guy that orignally almost kidnapped my 12 yr old daughter and dog got in to take the car. “Brian ” even then turns and says to me he should be able to bring it back around 10 am on the way to the auction. I go into the house and retreive the insurance card and call Carnes to give them the insurance policy number and a girl named Denise answers. I tell her I needed to speak to Brian when he got there to give him the insurance info so I could get the car back in the morning. SHe says “who?” Irepeated the name and she says she doesn’t know who that is. I told her the guy who came to ge the car. I told her that he said he was the nephew of the owner. SHe had no clue to who I was referring to then tried to cover it up by saying I am new here. She knew who I was and why my vehicle was taken though. She also stated they contract someone to repo the vehicles. At this point I know I probably lost the car and a total pf over $2,500 within the 3 weeks. So I then find the payment plan (which is not signed by the way) and my doen payment receipt. The DP receipt states I paid $1800 down (which I did) but the payment plan states it was only $750 I put down and the payment plan was based on the down payment amount. My finace consults the media (work) attorney who also happens to be his good frined and they tell me there are grounds for a lawsuit and that i need to contact police to file an attempted kidnapping charge. Soon all media in Houston (tv and radio) along with criminal and civil charges will be filed if this matter is not cleared up ASAP. Trust me, after reading reviews and the “owners” responses to the issue reviews, I will not hold my breath.

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