Carnes motors south Houston Rip off, do not believe what they say Houston Texas!!. I bought a car from carnes motor credit, they lied to me about car being in accidenT. Once I found out it have been in a front end accident and that was the reson the bumper was falling down, they told me they would fix it and make it right. I drove to them 8 times from Beaumont which is 80 to them. They finally sent me to this place to have bumper fix and the lady put screw through the bumper to make it stay, it still fell down again. She explained to me they only pay her to do quick fixes so they can sell vehicle. I relayed thisinformation to them and Walter told me he would fix it, we set another day for him to do this. After arriving eon this day he was suppose to fix car he stated if bumper had to be replaced he was not paying for it, but would let them put more screws to make it sit right. This is a rip off dealership…. Noting but lies andit Deceit.
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