Complaint: This Woman gives women a bad name! CAROL WEST is cunning and a deceitful woman. She has used her uterus to be her financial resource rather than get a job and support her children. She has three children with three different men and harasses them for money. She has harassed the fathers, their girlfriend/wife and ex girlfriends for money. Can we say “Obsessed””

Tags: Family Services

Address: “”Stalker””???? Carol has used her children social security numbers falsely for her gain and has a “”friend”” that works for the State and provides her with whatever she asks for. I have encouraged one of the fathers to team up with the others and have her prosecuted as she is claiming to use and provide the Social Security numbers of her childrens fathers as well for her benefit. None of her actions are for the children. It’s always about her. If she spent less time on her back with her legs open

Website: whether it’s by the fathers or tax dollars. She is a disgrace and I am surprised that the State of TN hasn’t investigated her

Phone: and less time on the internet