A buyer recently used carol ives/carol diva services to try to refund an authentic bag. She states in an email that, she would not consider the bag to be authentic due to sizing and the look of the emblem based on photos. Below her email, she has a disclaimer that states “the opinion rendered herein are based on the authenticator’s personal knowledge” and that there is a possibility of less than “one percent” that she erred. Next time, ask her for her statistics. What are the raw numbers? | I really question her services, as she has not worked at any of the luxurious brand name stores, nor was she apart of the design, operation, production of any of these bags. I have never heard of her until this buyer printed her email. When i looked her up, i found she charges $7.00 per “authentication.” the authentication was on email and appeared to be very unprofessional. I don’t think she has catalog or catalogs, databases or works at these stores. | Her service for this particular transaction was based on low-res digital photos, and not the physical handbag As she didn’t get to feel the fabric, feel the embossed logos and nameplate, the engraved branding, the embossed lining, and specialized “lampo” zippers. | Her conclusion was incorrect. Today, i went to the flagship store to get some maintenance. They handed me an invoice printed by the manufacturer. They would not invoice a counterfeit bag. I will be filing a complaint against her with the better business bureau.


Name: Caroldiva

Country: United States

State: Maryland

City: Crofton

Address: 1309 Peartree Ct

Phone: (410) 207-3342

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