Complaint: This company is run by liars and scam artists. They are required by Law to take child support from my ex and send it into the state monthly per court order. I have to call Domestic Relations EVERY month because they blatently refuse to send it in on their own. Essentially they are embezzlers. Sitting on my daughters money collecting interest until they are hounded to pay up. Spoke with a d****e bag named Brian at this company about it. He tells me “oops

Tags: Builders & Contractors

Address: its my accountant who isn’t sending it in on time but I assure you the problem is fixed.”” LIAR!!! Dude

Website: and are blind to the fact that what they are doing is illegal. Becareful if seeking employment with this company. You would be much better off working for McDonalds than these clowns.”

Phone: call your mommy and tell her she is screwing up and not doing your job. They have withheld overtime pay to my ex