Do not do business with Carolina Farmhouse! My wife and I ordered a $1260 desk on July 23rd, 2012, and it is not December 27th, 2012 and we still do not have the desk. The desk was supposed to take 10-16 weeks to build, and according to Dan the Director of Operations he thought it should be 10. Well here we are 24 weeks later with no sign of my desk. They have missed the long end of their range by over 2 months, and they still refuse to provide a solid date as to when it will arrive. Many many emails go unresponded to at that business, and they project arrogance to anyone who questions them or their policies. They have a no refund and no cancellation policy that they “stand behind”” so that consumers have no seeming recourse. When I finally went to American Express in December to tell them my story

they charged back the cost of the desk to Carolina Farmhouse

and they got livid. They demanded the money back in their account within 24 hours or threatened suing me as the customer

even though I still haven’t received the desk. This small Carolina company is founded and run by con-artists and needs to be stopped!”

Cary, North Carolina United States of America